How well do you know your sperm?

Here is a series of videos on the educational videos on semen analysis. Have fun watching! Educational Post Part 1: Causes of Male Infertility Semen Analysis is also known as the Sperm Count Test, analysis the health of a sperm. Educational Post Part 2: Signs of Male Infertility There are many signs of male infertility,Continue reading “How well do you know your sperm?”

Let’s Learn More About IUI!

Here is a series of videos on the introduction of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Have fun watching! Video: Podcast Interview with Husband on his IUI experience Join us in today’s podcast where a husband will be sharing with us his IUI experience and journey. Educational Post Part 1: Introduction of IUI One of the assisted reproductiveContinue reading “Let’s Learn More About IUI!”

Why I became a doctor (Part 3)

Years passed quickly and I graduated from medical school. Despite having a well-paying career, most caring colleagues and appreciative patients and an enviable lifestyle in Australia, I decided to return to Singapore. Back then, there was a severe shortage of doctors in Singapore and I wanted to contribute to my country and serve my fellowContinue reading “Why I became a doctor (Part 3)”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is observed all over the world on 8 March every year to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about women’s equality. To all my incredible female patients and women around the world, I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! On this special day, remember that you are appreciated for all yourContinue reading “Celebrating International Women’s Day”

Why I became a doctor (Part 2)

Entry to medical school was tough as I had to self-study and take gruelling medical school entry exams while working full time to accumulate funds for my school fees. I was accepted by two medical schools in Australia. I choose the School of Medicine at the Flinders University of South Australia as it was theContinue reading “Why I became a doctor (Part 2)”

How did you celebrate CNY?

How did you and your family celebrate this Chinese New Year (CNY)? CNY 2022 marks my first year in private medical practice with Sincere Healthcare Group. I manage to have a good work-family life balance. I was able to spend quality time with my parents, my wife and our three princesses. I spent time catchingContinue reading “How did you celebrate CNY?”

Why I became a doctor (Part 1)

I have frequently been asked “why did you choose be a doctor”. After all, my previous career path had been paved for me and I had to take the road that is less traveled to reach where I am today. Well, here’s my story. I graduated from the Department of Civil & Structural Engineering atContinue reading “Why I became a doctor (Part 1)”

Sincere’s Award from GlobalHealth Asia Pacific 2021

Last evening, I had the honour to receive the GlobalHealth Award for Women’s Health & Fertility Medical Centre of the Year in Asia Pacific on behalf of O&G Partners IVF Centre. This award is a recognition of the contribution of all our staff who have worked tirelessly to deliver quality care and services to ourContinue reading “Sincere’s Award from GlobalHealth Asia Pacific 2021”