Section 4 – In-Vitro Fertilisation Treatment

Here is the last part of the series regarding In-Vitro Fertilisation. Let’s understand how IVF is managed and what couples could do to ensure an enjoyable journey.

Educational Post Part 1: Side effects of IVF

IVF treatments are generally safe, but like any medical procedure, there are potential side effects. Find out the typical side effects of IVF to prepare yourself to build your family.

Educational Post Part 2: Common reasons for IVF cycle failure

Never let failure get to your heart. IVF may not work in some cases and here are some common causes.

Educational Post Part 3: How to manage a failed IVF cycle

Don’t get discouraged if you experienced a failed IVF cycle. Here is what you can do to manage the failure.

Educational Post Part 4: Factors contributing to a successful IVF treatment

An IVF treatment involves many variables that have to be ideal to optimise your pregnancy chances. Let’s find out the factors that contribute to a successful outcome.

Educational Post Part 5: Supporting your friend who is embarking on IVF

Physical health is important when you are going through IVF.

Emotional support and encouragement are equally important too. Check out the video below for ways you can support your friend who is embarking on IVF.

Hope you find the videos insightful! 😊


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