Section 2 – What do you need to know about Fertility Screening for Couples?

Here is a continuation on the series regarding couple fertility screening – section 2 on process of fertility screening.

If it is your first-time undergoing fertility screening, this series is suitable for you.

Educational Post Part 1: Importance of fertility screening

Why is fertility screening important?

Much like health screening, fertility screening enables you to find out if you have any existing conditions that affect your fertility even if you do not have any symptoms and/or signs.

Early detection and treatment will help fulfil your parenthood dreams.

Educational Post Part 2: What to expect during fertility screening for the husband

Find out what goes on during a male fertility health check!

Educational Post Part 3: What to expect during fertility screening for the wife

Knowing what to expect during a female fertility screening will help you feel more confident. Ladies, watch the video to find out.

Educational Post Part 4: What are some of the tests that a couple may do during fertility screening

Fertility screening assesses your overall reproductive health and helps identify any underlying causes of pregnancy delay. Find out what the assessment includes.

Educational Post Part 5: What are the possible causes of infertility

It takes two hands to clap to make a successful pregnancy. In this video, we will look at some of the causes of male and female infertility.

Educational Post Part 6: What are some of the common fertility treatments

To round off the Couple Fertility Check series, we will share some infertility treatment options that are available after a fertility test has confirmed that there is indeed a fertility problem.

Video: Interview with Couple on Their Experience on Couple Screening Process

Join us for an exciting conversation with Mr and Mrs Tan about their fertility screening.

Hope you find the videos insightful! 😊

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