Section 1 – What do you need to know about Fertility Screening for Couples?

Here is a series regarding couple fertility screening – section 2 on lifestyle & fertility health of couples.

If it is you would like to know on how you could improve on your lifestyle to boost your fertile health, this series is suitable for you.

Educational Post Part 1: How to boost your natural fertility

Ever wonder how you can boost your natural fertility? Watch today’s video to find out.

Educational Post Part 2: Lifestyle Choices Couples Trying For A Family

A healthy and active lifestyle is good for us.

In fact, the right amount and type of exercise may improve fertility and boost one’s quest to conceive.

Talk to your doctor about your personal situation to find an exercise routine that is right for you.

Educational Post Part 3: When Should Couples Go for Fertility Checks

Early detection is key in managing your health, including your fertile health.

Just like any other regular health screening, fertility screening should be done early in a couple’s marriage life to check for any fertility issues.

Educational Post Part 4: Things To Bear In Mind When Making Your Fertility Check Appointment

If you are unsure of what to do when making your first fertility screening appointment, fret not! Watch the video for the answers!

Hope you find the videos insightful! 😊


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