How well do you know your sperm?

Here is a series of videos on the educational videos on semen analysis. Have fun watching!

Educational Post Part 1: Causes of Male Infertility

Semen Analysis is also known as the Sperm Count Test, analysis the health of a sperm.

Educational Post Part 2: Signs of Male Infertility

There are many signs of male infertility, can you recognise some of the signs and symptoms?

Educational Post Part 3: Semen Abnormalities & Semen Analysis

Wait no longer to find out your sperm health! A simple test is all you need. Book your appointment for a semen analysis today!

Educational Post Part 4: How to Boost Your Sperm Count & Quality

Here are 4 sperm hacks that will boost your sperm quality.

Educational Post Part 5: Factors that Reduce Sperm Count & Quality

3 things you should avoid to maintain your sperm quality.

Educational Post Part 6: Fruits to Increase Sperm Count and Motility

Did you know that fruits are important for male fertility wellness? Here are the fruits that boost sperm count and motility.

Educational Post Part 7: Semen Functional Tests

Just as physical and mental health improve your quality of life, sperm health improves your fertility.

Video: Podcast with Husband on Semen Analysis Experience

Join us in today’s podcast as Dr Sincere chats with a husband on his semen analysis experience.

Hope you find the videos insightful! 😊

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