Why I became a doctor (Part 1)

I have frequently been asked “why did you choose be a doctor”.

After all, my previous career path had been paved for me and I had to take the road that is less traveled to reach where I am today.

Well, here’s my story.

I graduated from the Department of Civil & Structural Engineering at NTU and was attached the chairman of a large public listed building contractor. Subsequently, I was attached to a construction site to obtain practical experience before taking on management opportunities.

It was during my time at the construction site where I witnessed multiple incidents that changed my perspective in life.

I have seen the fingertips of a worker sheared off by a metal door, a crawler crane that flipped over after its driver dozed off at the wheel, a cladding contractor who flew 7-storeys down an incomplete building due to incorrect rigging signals to the tower crane operator.

I personally was almost pierced in the abdomen by a metal bar during a site inspection.

Although the most obvious thing would be to improve site safety, I had a different perspective. Each of these workers was suffering and needed medical treatment. I emphatise with their situation and wanted to make a difference.

Hence, I decided to switch over to the healthcare industry.

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